Geography: Russia and countries, affecting Russian market.

What affects prices

  1. Consumers interest
  2. Investors interest
  3. Production costs
  4. Information about competitors
  5. Economical sustainability of consumers
  6. Inflation; economical sustainability of banks
  7. Infrastructure projects with participation of State

Objective of the conference

Attraction of consumers and investors attention to the products.

Rusmets conferences contribute to setting fair prices for manufacturers and consumers. Fair price is the price which is affordable for a consumer, including payment terms and conditions. The analysis of conferences held in 20022012 has shown correction of the market by USD 16.783.8 per ton. Thus the conference influences the characteristics 1), 2), 4), 5), 7).

The idea of the program

Dynamics rapid change of speakers and experts. Close co-operation of the organizing committee with Russian manufacturers and consumers. A manufacturer speaks during 1 minute and tells the participants about the advantages of his products as compared to others. Then an analyst or expert from an independent research company within 3 minutes shows the prices trend and expresses his point of view at the issue. Then the consumers express their wishes regarding the prices and quality.

Structure of the conference

In each session there express presentations on particular products (up to 5 min. per each product group).

09:0010:00 Registration

14:0015:00 Networking lunch

Bonus for the participants: Rusmets analytical bulletin (September 2013) Russia and world: ferrous and Non-ferrous metals monitoring. Scrap metals market monitoring.

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Organizer: Rusmet

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